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Currently the Russell Buck Fund supports 6 Evangelists. Four of these Evangelists are in one city. Two Evangelists are in another city. Each city is much larger than New York. The cities are about 1,000 miles from one another. All 6 Evangelists have a University degree. All 6 Evangelists have been called by God to turn their backs on their secular career and serve the Lord full time. Most of these men have been rejected (or strongly discouraged) by their families because of their Christian faith, ignoring their University degree and pursuing their “foolish desire” to serve Jesus Christ and his people full time.

All 6 men are directly and currently involved in planting churches in their respective locations. 4 churches have been started and 1 additional church plant is in process. 4 of the 6 Evangelists already serve as full time church workers. These are “underground” (that’s the old language- house churches that are not registered with the government) churches. Because these men are both full time church workers and full time Seminary students, they cannot earn a living wage for themselves or their families. Their English names are: Tom, Paul, Jacob, David (city #1) and Jonathan and Johnny (city #2).

All 6 Evangelists have received several years of pre-Seminary training. All 6 Evangelists are currently in their 2nd year of a 4 year Seminary training program. (The Seminary is also “underground”). About once a month a professors meets with the 6 Evangelists in a location in mainland China. Sometimes the professor is brought in from America and sometimes from a location in East Asia. The professor and students are together for 6 days in a row – all day long. Homework needs to be done before and after the course. These 6 Evangelists are currently proficient in Greek and will begin their Hebrew training in August of 2014. When finished with their training they will receive a Master of Divinity degree and serve as both well trained Bible Scholars and pastors of the emerging churches they serve. By God’s grace, all 6 Evangelists know English very well. Theological concepts, therefore, are discussed in Chinese, English, Greek and eventually Hebrew. This will ensure that the Truth of Scripture is accurately passed on to the new Chinese Christians who are constantly under attack from false teachings which are all over China.

Through this website we hope to introduce you to each of these 6 Evangelists. In their videos they will share a little bit about themselves, their work for the Lord and their training. We invite you to say a brief prayer to Jesus for them and their work on behalf after you have watched the video. Our gracious God will hear and answer your prayers in Jesus’ name.

Thank you!

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