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Dear Family & Friends –

When our son Russ was killed in a car accident on October 25, 2006, God’s Word and promises instantly wrapped us in a blanket of supernatural peace and comfort. Oh yes - we grieved as any parents would, but the gratitude (and even joy) at knowing Russ is safe at home eternally has surpassed our earthly sorrow.

In the days, weeks and months following his death, God graciously revealed to us many ways that He has used Russell’s death to share His gospel message. Russ had personally supported mission work being done in East Asia with his Coast Guard earnings. God worked in and through Russ’s efforts to get the Gospel to Hmong and Laotian people in America (Green Bay, Wisconsin) and then back into East Asia. We rejoice that God used the Russell Buck Fund to assist those Hmong and Laotian workers and people from 2009 to 2013. God has drawn many to Hmong and Laotian people to hear the Gospel and be baptized. By God’s grace they all will join Russ in heaven!

The Russell Buck Fund has been established to continue and support the spreading of the Gospel – the birth, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ to the people of East Asia. The work has now shifted over to the Chinese speaking people of East Asia.

We pray that you will consider supporting God’s work through this Fund. Please read the information supplied on this website concerning this outreach ministry. You will see that MUCH can be accomplished on about $5,000 per month. Please note that 100% is applied to the ministry budget and a Fund Board exists to oversee the distribution of funds. Thank you for your interest and consideration in supporting the Russell Buck Fund - to God alone be the glory!

Sharon and Drew Buck

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